Faye L-Griffiths

Location: Cardiff, Wales


Email: griffiths.faye@gmail.com

Instagram: @faye_griffiths_photography

Faye L-Griffiths is a photographer based in South Wales, creating work through the mediums of analogue and alternative process photography. 

Building images through multiple exposures, creating dynamic and questioning scenes. Through her work she includes elements of architecture and atmospheric conditions to capture a time and emotional state that is taking place. 

Using the props of light and movement within the photographs begin to build different narratives. Working with the unpredictable nature of the camera and film different film processes such as pinhole and fuji FP instant film, to blend and manipulate the final image in camera.

Not being able to predict the final outcomes of the photograph has also as an artist made the drive for the 'perfect depiction' of a scene etc, irreverent. Faye’s aim is to capture a time, the moment, and light of the location or scene. 

Throughout the experiments with the medium she has also explored multiple exposures some within the same location some days or weeks apart. Again taking away that ability to determine the exact end piece but instead combing potential and linking scenes through the reaction of light and time.