Co-founded in 2018 by Celia Rose Jackson and Lisa Edgar, Phrame Wales is a collective that seeks to amplify individuals under-represented in photography in South Wales*.


  • Phrame Wales is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, race, class or creed. It is an inclusive organisation, promoting equality and opportunity, led by the concerns, values and shared vision of its members. The collective offers a warm welcome to all, sharing our energy, knowledge and expertise to empower all people we work with.


  • Phrame Wales is particularly focused on promoting and supporting female identifying and non-binary photographers as an under-represented group within photography. The collective also welcomes male photographers seeking support from our members. Phrame Wales is rooted in a generosity of spirit which encourages the same in return.


  • Phrame Wales is a multicultural collective. We strive to communicate in Welsh in all our digital and written content, to represent and celebrate ourselves as a collective formed in South Wales, but acknowledge English is the language spoken by all our members. We will endeavour to conduct our meetings and workshops in the language that makes our work most accessible to our audience.


  • Phrame Wales is committed to promoting standards of excellence in photography, encouraging participation and collaboration between all areas of photographic practice without hierarchy (curators, writers, teachers, practitioners and researchers etc). To us, all forms of photography are valid, and all voices have value. Photography is for everyone, and we want to use our collective resources to empower others to enjoy and participate in it too.


  • Phrame Wales will function as a safe space for dialogue, in both physical and digital spaces, where people can explore and discuss topics important to them whilst benefiting from the support and feedback of peers engaged in photographic practice. Phrame Wales also endeavours to use accessible spaces with disability inclusive facilities for meetings, events and workshops.


  • Phrame Wales works for the benefit of all our members - no one member shall have preferential treatment over another. We will share our skills, particularly around business and technical knowledge, to develop the capability of the group as a whole. Whether digitally or physically, we will join forces to share content and connections across our networks, promoting each other as well as ourselves.


Protected characteristics are defined by the Equality Act 2010 as being:

Disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation and age (over 50s / children and young people). These protected groups are examined for both those attending the arts, and those working within the arts sector.




  • Phrame Wales’ long-term aim is to increase the collaboration and representation of female identifying and non-binary photographers, regardless of their interest or location. We will create and identify new opportunities to fund and make new work in new ways, with wider audiences. We will encourage and empower members to develop new work and share ideas, whether that is within the group or with wider public audiences.


  • Phrame Wales will challenge the barriers that discourage others to participate in photography in Wales - whether that be making, sharing or viewing art - through the work of the collective. We want to challenge attitudinal and perceptual barriers and show that photography CAN represent everyone.


  • Phrame Wales will generate new initiatives in the form of pop up exhibitions, publishing, symposiums and social events, to benefit our community and build on shared interests between members, participants and our audiences.  We will hold regular social events to build bonds, grow engagement and expand our network to create greater social diversity and participation with photography in the arts in communities where we work. 


  • Phrame Wales will give advice and mentoring to those who need it - free where possible, subsidised and affordable if not. We will advocate for group members as well as emerging photographers in the wider sector. We will signpost to funding, employment opportunities, talks and portfolio reviews for all interested and engaged with photography in South Wales.