Amanda Coombes

Amanda Coombes was born in 1963 and raised in Penarth South Glamorgan although presently resides in Cardiff. Amanda graduated with a Batchelors Degree in 2018, although
her affection for photography started when she was 17, where she primarily used film and enjoyed Polaroid.


Amanda doesn’t adhere to one form of the practice although she does have a devotion for social creative and environmental photography. Amanda is influenced by objects, colours,
fashion, and the arts.


Amanda has had two exhibitions one on workplace bullying which was from a conceptual viewpoint and the other an environmental project. Amanda is looking forward to working
with @sas.


Amanda is currently working on a few projects one currently around Neuro Diversity. Amanda has several collaborations scheduled for 2021 and is looking forward to getting these off the ground and is looking ahead to future exhibitions.

Amanda also enjoys her practice in wedding photography and also plans to return to the
studio in 2021.