Celia Jackson

Instagram: @welshtomboy
Twitter: @CeliaRJackson

Celia Rose Jackson is one of Phrame’s co-founders and has lived in South Wales for over half her life. Since the late 1980s she has been involved with lens-based practice and the
use of text in the broadest possible terms, from pinhole photography to creative writing. She has exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally, and has published a range of catalogue essays and reviews. In her role as an award-winning senior academic, with a thriving creative practice and an extensive industry-based network, she focuses much of her energy on those from non-traditional backgrounds or difficult circumstances, and those who struggle to overcome the barriers of negativity, fear or low-self-esteem.

The Phrame collective comprises a bold new project in which Celia’s expertise and professional connections are harnessed in order to blaze a trail with other like-minded practitioners, challenging old power values and the dominant discourse within photography in South Wales. The core principles of honesty, kindness, respect for all and a generosity of
spirit are those which drive Celia’s mission and social activist practice. In her spare time she enjoys baking and reading, especially American and Canadian short fiction. She is also a
long-distance runner.